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Removing your makeup at the end of the day can seem like quite a task! Below we share our tips on the best way to remove your makeup with cleanser, oils and makeup remover.

Step 1: Carefully remove makeup

Choose a gentle cleansing cloth to help remove makeup. We recommend Eye of Horus’s Bamboo cleansing cloths which have a soft texture to avoid damaging your skin. Standard flannels can be too rough on the skin especially when trying to remove makeup including the eye area which is very delicate.

Using a warm wet cloth and gently wipe away as much makeup as you can. Using your cloth and makeup remover or micellar water, gently wipe your face to remove remaining makeup – leave stubborn eye makeup for step 2.

Once you have removed all makeup rinse your face again with warm water.


Inika eye makeup removerEre Perez Gingko Micellar WaterOrganic bamboo cleansing cloth

Step 2: Remove stubborn eye makeup.

For around the eyes, use a special makeup remover such as Inika Organic Eye and makeup remover, this is perfect for removing waterproof mascara. Use in conjunction with your cleansing cloth to gently remove eye makeup. Rosehip oil or another natural oil is also perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup. Avoid over-rubbing and using general soap or harsh cleanser around your eyes. This can cause redness and break the capillaries causing permanent skin damage.


inika rosehip oil

Step 3: Choose a natural cleanser that won’t strip and dry out your skin.

Now that you have removed your makeup, cleanse your skin to ensure any residual product is removed and to truly clean your skin. If you have dry skin, we recommend Oasis Beauty Cream Cleanser. For those with oily or acne-prone skin, try Eco Tan Citrus Cleanser or Oasis Beauty Light Milk Cleanser which have antibacterial properties.

Tip: Only exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week, over exfoliating can damage your skin. Exfoliate your skin when it is clean and free of makeup.


Eco by Sonya Skin Compost Super Citrus Cleanseroasis beauty light milk cleanser

Step 3: Tone!

Be sure to follow up with toner which will help tighten and reduce pore size, address redness and dullness. A toner will help balance the pH level of your skin, resulting in less chance of infection and oiliness. As such, toning is even more important for those with oily skin or breakouts!

oasis berry brightening tonic

Step 4: Moisturise and treat your skin


Now you need to nourish your skin, by applying your favorite serum or moisturiser, this will also help lock in the benefits of your toner. Be sure to do this before you go to bed to maximise the absorption into your skin overnight when your body is hard at work while you are sleep working repairs and all its little miracles.


Oasis beauty beauty sleep night creamEco by Sonya Glory OilEre Perez Australian Blue Cyprus Face Nectar

Eco by Sonya Super Fruit HydratorEre Perez Moringa all-beauty Creme

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