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100% Natural Lipstick

Luk Beautifood

About Luk Beautifood

The foundation of Luk Beautifood is built on harnessing the beauty of food. Nourishing your whole body with healthy food is central to cultivating your natural beauty; what you put on your body should be as nutritious and safe as what you eat. Why buy whole food and organic produce, avoid gluten and additives (E numbers) like the plague yet still apply beauty products filled with synthetics and potential toxins. Food contains active nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatories that are essential for our skin, body, and mind to operate at optimum levels. Luk Beautifood combines food and nutrition to create simple, beautiful, multipurpose beauty products from active foods without using synthetic or toxic ingredients to nourish your skin from the outside.

Luk Beautifood

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