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Oasis Power Punch SPF25 Hydrating Moisturiser

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A power punch for dry skin that’s guaranteed to turn you into a big softie… while the non-whitening SPF25 protects from further dryness and damage.50mlWhy use Oasis Moisturiser?It will seal in moisture.It will give your skin the nutrition it needs to get it looking it’s best.It will protect your skin from the sun so no wrinkles or sun spots for you!Some people are prone to fine lines and wrinkles, some get acne or have dry skin – so we have 3 winning daily moisturisers to pick from – Knock Out, Power Punch and Apple a Day.Recommended for: Dry skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, cold climate skin care, winter skin care, anti ageing skin care, mature skin, prematurely aged skin, sun damage.

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