Ere Perez Moisturising Macadamia Lip Colour

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Product Description

Moisturising Macadamia Lip Colour with natural macadamia oil, this creamy lipstick colour gives great coverage while also healing, soothing & moistening lips.Comes in two shades “ME” & “YOU” to best suit your skin tone.Me: A caramel brown neutral lip colour is designed to suit your complexion and create an expert natural makeup look. This is your colour if you have naturally blonde, red or warm tones in your hair and tanned/olive skin.You: A perfect pinky-brown natural lip colour. This is your colour if you have a fairer complexion, cool tones in your skin and naturally icy blonde/dark/grey hair.

Additional Information



An Australian owned company that pride themselves on producing healthy, natural make-up.Carefully selected premium quality ingredients (oils, plant extracts and minerals) are blended with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective natural make-up solution.​

  • Nourishing make-up with active ingredients
  • Natural colour pigments to suit all skin types
  • Assists with sun protection
  • Does not contain perfumes or chemical colourants
  • Loaded with vitamins and organic oils
  • Premium packaging at a reasonable price
  • Not tested on animals, just family and friends
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Ethical Beauty
  • Naturally gentle