Oasis Beauty

Natural skin care products & specializing in skincare for sensitive skin.  Oasis Beauty is a skincare company based in Oxford, North Canterbury in New Zealand.

When Oasis Beauty founder, Stephanie Evans, hit 30 she was still troubled by her bad skin. Struggling to pay an Auckland mortgage and with no money to spend on expensive skincare, she was frustrated by her options. So when she stumbled across a book about making your own skincare creams out of natural ingredients, she decided to give it a go.

Passionate about skincare for sensitive skin. Researched and developed over 15 years, Oasis Beauty are high performance natural skin care products made especially for people with sensitive skin, including those with allergies, eczema, dermatitis or rosacea.

No animal testing policy what so ever at Oasis Beauty. Products use only natural and organic ingredients and, best of all, are locally made right here in New Zealand!

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  • Oasis Beauty Solar Serum with Lycocelle

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  • Oasis Sun SPF 40 Dry-Feel Sport Sunscreen

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  • Oasis Sun SPF 50+ Ultra Protection Sunscreen

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  • OB-Fruit-Smoothie-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis ‘Fruit Smoothie’ Scrub & Face Mask

    $32.00 $27.00
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  • OB-Apple-A-Day-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Apple a Day SPF25 Moisturiser

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  • OB-BB-Dark-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis BB Cream Dark

    $39.90 $32.50
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  • 4b79f2_c31da67c3f7144428ace64d57562e8a3~mv2.jpg

    Oasis BB Cream with Free Blending Sponge

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  • 4b79f2_15898672c4f5498ab9f78c16bc6c0d76~mv2.jpg

    Oasis Beauty Aloe Vera & Cucumber Skin Healing Gel

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  • 4b79f2_6960e0a0898d42a48eeaf3fd5ba63520~mv2_d_2425_3488_s_4_2.jpg

    Oasis Beauty Blending Brush

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  • 4b79f2_63572ea435274217bba1ecf8edaa57fe~mv2_d_2144_2365_s_2.jpg

    Oasis Beauty Blending Sponge

    $19.00 $14.00
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  • OB-Beauty-Sleep-Box-and-Tube-WEB_grande.jpg

    Oasis Beauty Sleep Night Cream

    $39.00 $34.00
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  • OB-Berry-Tonic-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Berry Brightening Tonic

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  • OB-Full-Cream-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Cream Cleanser

    $32.00 $28.00
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  • OB-Hot-Toddy-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Hot Toddy Serum

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  • Oasis Hydrator Body Lotion

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  • OB-Knock-Out-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Knock-out SPF25 Antibacterial Moisturiser

    $39.00 $20.00
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  • OB-Light-Milk-Box-and-Tube-WEB_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Milk Cleanser

    $32.00 $28.00
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  • rhino.jpg

    Oasis Rhino Repair

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  • Oasis-Sun-50ml-HR_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Suncreen SPF30

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  • 4b79f2_d3279f7b66814e569bda766d433eb8cd~mv2.jpg

    Oasis Super Tan | Gradual Tan with Instant Bronzer

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  • Travel_Duo_with_BIB_Logo_1024x1024.jpg

    Oasis Travel Duo

    $29.00 $24.99
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