BON provides premium 100% certified organic women's hygiene products that are made from 100% organic cotton.

Using BON eliminates the risk of coming in contact with potentially harmful chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine to name the main culprits) and any fragrances. This not only significantly reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome, but has reduced skin irritations and cramps in women who have used BON tampons.

We recommended BON to avoid allergic reactions and causable syndromes from the toxic chemicals, sprays and fragrances found in traditional women's hygiene products.

Materials used to make BON packaging are biodegradable, right down to the wrap around their tampons.

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    BON Organic Light Tampons

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    BON Organic Regular Tampons

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    BON Organic Super Tampons

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  • Bon Organic Tampons Travel Pack

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