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Travel Beauty EssentialsIt’s that time of the year again – Winter! Ugh, I’m personally not a fan and would rather be beaching it on the other side of the world as many of you are probably planning to do. Kiwis love to travel, there’s soo much to see out there in the world. Yes, our country is beautiful, but experiencing other cultures and their vast history is truly life-changing. If traveling is not on your radar, I highly recommend you start to think about it. NZ is such a young country that we don’t get to experience history to the same degree. I absolutely love old architecture and exploring ancient ruins over the world! So if you are planning to travel abroad this year, then firstly I am a little bit jealous because I’m going to have to wait until next year, but secondly, I know your frantically trying to choose what travel size toiletries and beauty products to take with you and how to maximise the capacity of your luggage!

I’ve recommended five products below that you should add to your inventory!
travel size toiletries and beauty products


We all need a lipstick to take when traveling for a day or night out. What better than a classy red lip! I choose vixen rogue matte lipstick by Eye of Horus Cosmetics, and all I could think of was Paris, a romantic and beautiful city. A classic red lip is perfect for a day or night out drinking coffee, shopping or dining French cuisine.



travel size toiletries and beauty products


Beaches are always on the top of my list when traveling and for many Kiwis, I think we have a strong affinity with the ocean and grew up on the beach in summer. Eco Tan fake tanning products will have you looking sunkissed and confident for when you’re ready to step out in your bikini.


travel size toiletries and beauty products


Ere Perez SOS balm is a soothe all skin remedy that’s multi-purpose, hence perfect for traveling. You can use it as a lip balm or for any dry or cracked skin, abrasions and cuts, and as a makeup remover. It is completely natural with wonderful nourishing and healing products that are rich in zinc, magnesium, and potassium. With clean beauty ingredients such as coconut, chia, papaya, mango, shea butter, hemp seed oil, grapefruit oil, and sweet almond oil – you can’t go wrong.



travel size toiletries and beauty products


Let’s say your traveling in the European summer, where beach or pool days are a must! Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara is a great option for traveling as you don’t have time to keep re-applying and fussing with makeup. This mascara will last all day through humid climates, chance rain and a dip in the sea.


travel size toiletries and beauty products

Greece is one of my favorite countries and when you’re in that part of the worlds you can’t help but hear and wonder about ancient mythology and stories of gods and goddesses. It makes me think of the Eye of Horus Eye Shadow Palettes. The Isis Sun Palette is a great palette for everyone no matter their skin tone or eye colour. It includes a mix of Italian baked gold, peach, and neutral satin and metallic shades that will add a little bit of wow factor to your eyes on a night out.

Travel Size Products

If you’re traveling light or only going with carry-on luggage, you’ll need to consider the size requirements and choose travel size toiletries and beauty products. We have some great versatile products and packs.

  • Many of our serums and oils are under 100ml and these are great versatile products for travel skincare. You can use as a night and day moisturiser, hair treatment and full body skin remedy.
  • Ere Perez Carrot colour pots are another great travel option that provides lip and cheek color all in one.  Compact in size, they’ll fit perfectly into a small purse, backpack or carry on luggage.
  • Hot Tresses has a wonderful hair rehab travel trio with travel size shampoo and conditioner.
  • Eco Tan also offers a travel essentials pack selection of their products in travel size minis, perfect to maintain your tan!

Hot Tresses travel pack Eco Tan Travel Essentials Pack




Travel_Duo_with_BIB_Logo_1024x1024.jpgEco by Sonya Glory Oil











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