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Hello again! I just had to do a post on the new Eye of Horus Velvet Lips Matte Lipstick and I’ve spent a whole bunch of time trying them all out (yes, every colour!) so you can see what all the colours look like without any photoshop on ‘real’ people – like me!

Velvet Lips are a matte lipstick; and to be honest I’ve never been a fan of matte lipstick as they have always dried out my lips and caused cracking – that is never a good look! However, velvet lips just tick all the boxes for a matte lipstick. Here’s what I love about them from my own experience:

  1. They are nourishing! They apply on very smooth (hence the name velvet lips) and stay that way – no drying or cracking. This has to be the combination of Moringa Oil, Arnica, Chamomile and Cranberry Extract.
  2. The colours pack a punch! Formulated with rich pigment for full colour and coverage. Not to mention there are 10 awesome shades from nude buff, coral, dusty pink, bright red and deep burgundy for whatever mood you’re in.
  3. They are long lasting! The finish does not wear off (or dry out) after half an hour or after 1 drink as I’ve found with other matte lipsticks.
  4. Easy application with the teardrop shape and click button release in a sleek design mean you don’t overuse product or snap the lipstick. The teardrop shape is really great for precision and outlining your lips before filling in.
  5. Cruelty-free of course and vegan!

Let’s start off with Charmed Fuschia, a fun bright pink that draws a bit of attention to your lips if that’s what you’re after and also a great colour for summer when we tend to wear more colour. It’s not too pink – in my opinion, certain pinks can just scream too much ‘barbie’ or look tacky. I was pleasantly surprised with how this colour looked.

charmed fuchsia

I wore Seductress Coral out to dinner this summer with a white denim skirt, gold detail and jewellery which complemented each other really well. I wasn’t after a bright red lip – Temptress Coral matte lipstick was exactly what I was looking for to add a softer pop of colour to my lips.

seductress coral

Spellbound Dusty Pink matte lipstick is a great option for pink lovers who don’t want the bright pink Charmed Fuschia look. I think this pink would suit most (if not all) skin tones. It’s a classic dusty pink and I just love it to be honest. It’s perfect for day to night, work or special occasion.

spellbound dusty pink

I’d describe Bewitched Mulberry  matte lipstick as a magenta shade, a reddish pink. It reminds me of roses, red wine, classic romance and sitting under a tree reading novels… A perfect colour for those who don’t suit reds.

Bewitched mulberry

Enchantress Buff… I. Love. This. Colour. Especially as a matte lipstick! I searched for the perfect nude for soo long and here it is! Lighter colours can make your lips look bigger and I think you can see that effect here. If you have thinner lips – I’d recommend lighter lipstick shades as dark shades on thin lips can accentuate them in the wrong way.

enchantress buff

I call this my boho wedding look. Siren Black Cherry matte lipstick – where were you when I got married! Absolutely in love. This colour is very seductive but also says “classic romance” perfect for date night.

siren black cherry

I think that Sorceress Deep Honey is one of those classic shades that everyone has to have. It’s not red, it’s not pink and it’s not neutral – it’s somewhere in between. The ‘power’ lip that you team up with work wear, wearing it day to night but can dress it up or down for whatever look you’re after.

sorceress deep honey

Temptress Orange is a red/orange shade that is really fun and bright! I imagine myself wearing this to a summer cocktail party or a classy night out, accentuated with gold jewellery which complements it well.

temptress orange

Vamp Blood Red is more of a muted red, I’d describe it as a rusty red colour compared to Vixen Red and is a perfect choice for those who can’t wear true reds. Team up with an edgy black clothing style.

vamp red

Vixen Rouge is your classic true red matte lipstick! Think pin-up girl from the 50’s. If you are a red lipstick lover than this is your must have red lip.

vixen rouge

You can shop all Eye of Horus Cosmetics products including Velvet Lips Matte lipstick here!

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