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If you’re like me, then you love your beauty products and like to look your best, but this should not be at the expense of animal welfare. We are passionate about ethical beauty, we only sell and support products that have not been tested on animals.

In the blog, we get a little more up close and personal with the products we sell in order to help you go cruelty free! We are all on our journey to find a more ethical way of living. Feel free to comment and join the discussion!

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Fake Tan – Beautiful tan without the burn

There’s no need to spend hours laying in the sun to get that ‘sun kissed glow’. Eco Tan offers a range of natural and organic based tanning products which give you a natural looking brown tan (no fake orange!).Eco Tan uses natural ingredients such as cacao to give a rich brown tone to your tan. These ingredients also work to nourish your skin!Do you have pale skin?Then it would be best to start off with Eco Tan’s Winter Skin. This is a gradual tanning moisturiser, you can build up the color of

What’s inside our Summer Beauty Box…

Summer Beauty Box is here! For only $65, you’ll receive products worth a total of $118.This summer our featured item is the popular Eco Tan Cacao Self Tanning Firming Mousse. We are super excited to feature this product as it’s absolutely amazing and a must have for summer! There’s no need to expose yourself to harmful rays to get a natural golden tan when Eco Tan can do it for you.Cacao firming mousse is a self tanning mousse for all skin tones. You can customize the depth of your tan! Simply

Want Fuller Thicker Brows?

Do you envy Cara Devilgine’s brows and want fuller thicker natural looking brows? Try the new Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend. This product is great for adding volume to your brows especially if you have over plucked or naturally thin brows and using a pencil doesn’t give you that natural look..Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend uses natural looking fibres to build thicker fuller brows. Three shades are available – light, medium and dark and gives you instant definition and brow volume in one simple

Why Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal! You’ve probably seen alot of products pop up recently with activated charcoal, including face masks, teeth whitener, soaps, cleansers and pills but not too sure what the fuss is about.What is activated charcoal? Activated charocal is made when peat, coal, coconut or wood is heated with a gas making the charcoal more porous and highly absorbent which means it easily binds to other particles.Activated charcoal as an ingredient in beauty products therefore acts as a detoxifier and can aid

Why Choose Organic Tampons?

This month we introduce BON Organic Tampons to our store. Organic Tampons are making their way into the market and are here to stay! You may wonder what are the benefits from choosing organic over regular tampons. There are a couple of fundamental differences between organic and regular tampons and this is in how they are made.What is the issue with regular tampons?Regular tampons use cotton that are grown with the use of pesticides. Following that the cotton is bleached and whitened with

Explore our Winter Beauty Box!

We get really excited when we release a new beauty box! They are such a great way to offer you a selection of products at great value including introducing you to brands or products that you have been thinking about trying.This winter, our beauty box is completely vegan and includes some of our most popular products. The featured item is really the Eye of Horus Bio Lash Lift Vegan Mascara. I love this mascara, the wand is just fantastic and really thickens and lengthens the lashes with no

A simple guide to contour and highlighting

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to get a great effect from contouring and highlighting. The concept is simple: Apply your primer and foundation first. Apply highlighter on the parts of your face that the light would hit i.e. middle of your forehead, under eyes and the ridge of your nose. Apply contour the places where the shadows would be i.e., under the cheek bones. Why you ask? Well it’s up to you really- if you like the look of it then give it a go. The benefits are that contour and

5 ways you can pamper yourself this weekend

Everyone needs to take some me time every now and then and when’s a better time that at the end of the working week or a lazy Sunday to treat yourself to some pampering? Here’s 5 ways you can enjoy some weekend DIY pampering:1. Take a shower or a relaxing bath. Exfoliate your skin so it’s super soft as if all the week’s stress and worry can be exfoliated away with the wonders of coconut oil and sea salt. Exfoliation gets your circulation going under the skin and helps reduce imperfections such

Multi-purpose wonders!

Don’t you just love products that you can use more than one way? I do, especially ones you can take on the go to save space in the handbag. Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek and Lip balm doubles as a lip tint and also a cream blush which gives you the same look as powdered blush but dewy. I actually like to mix it up sometimes and use the cheek tint instead of powder blush to give me a more luminous look. It comes on 4 shades depending on what suits you best, a great little compact that you can slip

Summer Beauty Tips

Hooray! Summer is almost here, although it doesn’t feel like it at times… it will soon be christmas and we’ll all have a well earned kiwi holiday full of beach days. For all beauty enthusiasts there’s a few things we need to adjust for the summer months and certain products that we just must have!Firstly SPF is a must, gone are the days of lying on the sun for long periods of time to get a tan. It’s just not worth it with the sun’s intense rays. Ensure your makeup and moisturisers have SPF in

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