There’s no need to spend hours laying in the sun to get that ‘sun kissed glow’. Eco Tan offers a range of natural and organic based tanning products which give you a natural looking brown tan (no fake orange!).
Eco Tan uses natural ingredients such as cacao to give a rich brown tone to your tan. These ingredients also work to nourish your skin!
Do you have pale skin?
Then it would be best to start off with Eco Tan’s Winter Skin. This is a gradual tanning moisturiser, you can build up the color of your tan to the desired depth over time.
Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try Cacao Firming Mousse. The longer you leave on the product prior to rinsing off, the deeper your tan will be. 1 hour will provide a subtle tan whereas 4 house will give you a deeper glow.

Do you have olive or tanned skin already?
Try Invisible tan, best suitable for medium – olive tine skin. You’ll get a deeper brown tone from just one use.
Cacao Firming Mousse will also work for you, just leave it on longer prior to rinsing.

What about your face?
Face Tan Wateris the popular revolutionary face tan that can replace your foundation! The lightweight formulation similar to a toner, leaves you sun kissed without clogging pores. After only two applications you will notice a subtle bronze tone which will even out your complexion and brighten skin tone.

The formula contains a beautiful blend of aloe vera, rose geranium and citrus peel which provides a soothing anti-acne formulation which will help you build a gradual, natural looking glow on your face and neck.
Travelling abroad?
Take Eco Tan Travel Essentials. 5 perfect sized mini products that you can take on a plan and will easily fit in your luggage. Top up your tan while your away without lugging around the full sized products.
Wondering how to get the best out of your tan?
Prepare for your tan by exfoliating with Himalayan Salt Scrub 24 hours prior to applying the tanning product. This will remove any dead skin cells and smooth your skin for a flawless application. Be sure to use a natural based moisturiser such as Coconut Body Milk to help maintain your tan. Using a chemical laden product will strip your tan and it won’t last as long.

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